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Performance Problems And How To Think About Them

One useful characterization of the work of a product manager is that we solve problems for other people in the organization. So it’s important that we understand how to do this, and understand the types of problems that we’re likely to run into. The hard ones often are “they are meta-problems” – even though they Read More

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Gamification Summit 2012 San Francisco – Day 1

A few notes and observations about the first day of my first Gamification Summit 2012 in San Francisco. Overall, this was a great day – I met quite a few people, heard quite a few good presentations, and started to get a sense of what’s going on in the gamification world right now. The conference Read More

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Gamifying Enterprise Apps – Fun or Engaging? (Part 1)

Yesterday I read The Future of Enterprise Software Will be Fun and Productive by Michael Wu, Principal Scientist at Lithium and a gamification guru. He focused on “adoption” as the key metric to improve in his example of CRM, his example of an enterprise app (understandably so, since Lithium’s primary product is a social CRM Read More

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