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Gamifying Enterprise Apps – Fun or Engaging? (Part 1)

Yesterday I read The Future of Enterprise Software Will be Fun and Productive by Michael Wu, Principal Scientist at Lithium and a gamification guru. He focused on “adoption” as the key metric to improve in his example of CRM, his example of an enterprise app (understandably so, since Lithium’s primary product is a social CRM Read More

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What Comes After Google Glass? (Part 2)

Yesterday I posted about how reading might change in a world where all our interactions are mediated by an augmented reality device like Google Glass. But I also mentioned some potential pitfalls, and in this post I’ll discuss them, as well as some ideas for avoiding them. Reading “Out There” I see a number of Read More

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What Comes After Google Glass? (Part 1)

Some Thoughts On The Future of Reading Like any good technologist, I’m very interested in the future. I’m waiting anxiously to hear what Tim Cook will say this week at the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference, of course, but for this post I’m going to look a bit farther in the future. Google Glass has been Read More

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7 How to Prioritize: Top 6 Prioritization Techniques

Too much to do As a product manager, one of your fundamental challenges is prioritization. You have a lot of things – features, enhancements, new products – you want to do, and not enough resources to do them all. Whether it’s the list of features and capabilities you want to implement in your product, or Read More

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What Is A Business?

You’ll already know some of the things I’m going to tell you, and there’s other stuff that will seem obvious, but there’s plenty you probably will not have heard, and each of you has a different level of understanding and a different set of knowledge, so bear with me. What is a business? Businesses come Read More

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Introduction To The Five-Hour MBA

After I graduated from college quite a few years ago, I realized that I didn’t know all that much about living in The Real World (TRW). In fact, everything I know about TRW I’ve learned via experience, some hard and frustrating, since college. I had a particularly sheltered life growing up on a farm in Read More

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