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2 How Are You Going to Fix Onboarding?

You have a team of engineers and a three month runway – how are you going to fix onboarding? That’s a question I actually got in a product management job interview a while ago. My answer was, “that’s a really good question but I have no way of answering yet.” This is the same question Read More

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1 This Framework Gives You Product Management Super Powers

Breakthrough! The Secret Product Management Framework Finally writing down the Secret Product Management Framework was a revelation for me. It put all the activities I do as a product manager into perspective. We find and validate market problems for which customers will pay for a solution. We then guide the creation of solutions to the Read More

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3 A New Focus On Product Management Opportunity

A long work in progress This blog has been going for a long long time. It started as a site to share ideas and lessons I’ve learned in my career as a product manager for enterprise software products. Recently a bigger theme has started to emerge and coalesce. It’s more ambitious than my initial (lack Read More

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To 10x Your Profits Start With Retrospectives

20% is boring As many of you know, the Scrum methodology – and many other agile methodologies – use a practice called “retrospectives.” In other, non-software domains, they might be called debriefs or after-action reviews. After each sprint the team spends a short amount of time reviewing what went well, what could be improved, and Read More

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2 How To Talk To Your Executives About Agile

People have asked me “How can I get my execs to support an agile transformation? They don’t like that they can’t predict anything.” Reframe the Agile conversation around value This is never going to be an easy conversation, but I recommend reframing it from the outset. Don’t talk about scrum or methodologies or the Agile Read More

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5 The Secret Product Management Framework

One of the most challenging questions about product management has been – in my experience – “What is Product Management?” In this post, I share a simple model or framework to answer this question. I talk about this model with lots of people, but I’ve never explicitly written it down in a post. I’ve found Read More

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