Ace The Behavioral Job Interview!

Use Powerful Stories of Your Own Accomplishments To Win In Job Interviews

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Robert B.

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What you’ll learn in the "Storytelling for Job Interviews" Course

  • Why interviewers ask behavioral questions (and what they are), and how to answer them. 
  • The fundamental structure that will give you the power to tell your own stories effectively and persuasively, to demonstrate your skills and accomplishments and to differentiate yourself from your competitors (other job seekers!)
  • Why you need to reduce the hiring manager's perception of risk (of hiring you) - and how to do it!
  • How to prepare for an interview by curating a selection of stories of your most impressive accomplishments and the challenges you've addressed. 
  • Bonus: How to update your resume to highlight your most powerful stories.
  • Bonus: How to use the storytelling tricks that all movie directors know to add drama and emotional engagement to your stories!

In This Online Video Course You'll Learn To 

Turn Your Most Impressive Accomplishments Into Great Stories

That Help You Win In Job Interviews

... You look great on paper.

... You got the interview.

But now you're in one of the most competitive fight of your life - against all the other candidates interviewing for this great new job. 

How are you going to differentiate yourself

How are you going to overcome the hiring manager's fear of making a bad decision? 

How are you going to convince them that you are the right person for the job

The secret lies in one of humanity's most ancient traditions - storytelling.

In this course you'll learn how to prepare for an interview by turning your vague accomplishments into engaging and compelling stories. 

Most technologists like us - product managers, developers, product marketers - tend to underplay the transformative results of our successes, and overemphasize the technical aspects of our achievements.

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Created by Nils Davis, author of The Secret Product Manager Handbook and the host of the Secrets of Product Management Podcast

About Nils

Nils is the author of The Secret Product Manager Handbook and host of the Secrets of Product Management podcast.

Nils has decades of experience as an enterprise software product manager in Silicon Valley. His writing and podcasts have educated (and entertained) thousands of product managers of all sorts. 

And he's been coaching product managers specifically on how to tell better stories since 2017. His online presentations of this material are acclaimed - and now you can get the same training in online form!

This course is only $49 - and will add $thousands to your income over your lifetime. 

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