Storytelling For Product Managers

How To Use Storytelling For Persuasion, Influence, and Career Advancement

What you’ll learn in this program

You'll learn and master a fundamental story structure that gives you the power to tell product management stories effectively and persuasively.

Whether it's to demonstrate your skills, or to share a customer's success, or to persuade a prospect that your solution is their best alternative, this storytelling approach gives you super powers.

Program Structure

  • Three hours over the course of not more than three weeks, preferably two weeks.
  • Includes a short training in each one-hour session, then individual work on two or three of your stories, with two passes each through at least two stories, perhaps more. This practice, which will also involve some homework, helps cement the techniques and framework so you can continue to apply it after the program.
  • We’ll also cover how to use the stories for persuasion (presentations to execs, sales, and/or customers/prospects) and motivation (for the dev team, for example).

About the program leader, Nils Davis


Author of The Secret Product Manager Handbook and host of The Secrets of Product Management podcast (formerly known as All The Responsibility, None of The Authority).

Nils has decades of experience as an enterprise software product manager in Silicon Valley. His writing and podcasts have educated (and entertained) thousands of product managers of all sorts.

And he's been coaching product managers specifically on how to tell better stories since 2017. His online presentations of this material are acclaimed - and now you can get the same training in personalized form!

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