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All The Responsibility None Of The Authority Podcast – Season 2 Is Here!


My ATR-2100 Mic and Mac laptop – where the magic happens!

It’s been just over a year since I started All The Responsibility, None Of The Authority, the podcast for product managers, product marketers, innovators, and entrepreneurs who want to be more effective and more successful creating and selling products.

I published a total of eight podcast episodes – not terrible, considering that most podcasts end on or before their seventh episode. So I beat the point spread!

And those were pretty meaty episodes – about product management systems of record, about the business value of product management, about a new way to think about product “requirements.” But for the second year of the podcast we’ll be a little more ambitious and get a lot more content out than the first year. Of course, still with the meatiness, the immediate applicability, and the powerful new ideas. So we’ve relaunched the podcast for Season 2. I say “we” because I’m joined by a new host! Rob McGrorty, product guy at Webgility in San Francisco, and an all around cool dude.

The other big change is a new website to host the podcast, along with a new podcast feed. The first three episodes are now up on our new site, http://alltheresponsibility.com. You’re reading this because I will crosspost new episodes to this site – and this feed which you’re listening to – as well. If you’re an existing subscriber you don’t need to do anything to get the new season with me and Rob. So you can keep your subscription here, or if you like, get the new feed from alltheresponsibility.com.

As always, we have our “three things you can start doing today to put these ideas into practice.” We want to give you concrete actions you can take from each of our episodes, which is a great savings in your cognitive capacity. (We’ll be doing a podcast on cognitive capacity and its implications for product managers later in the season.)

Let’s get on with the new season! This is the short introductory episode, introducing Rob. And there are two more episodes following that, a very interesting two-part interview with someone I think is solving a very big problem for us product managers, as you’ll hear.

And since today’s episode is “introduce the new season,” and this podcast help you become a better, more effective product person, the three things are focused on making sure you get every episode, and that every episode is as full of actionable content as possible.

  1. Sign up for our mailing list on http://alltheresponsibility.com. You can also easily subscribe to the podcast at alltheresponsibility.com/itunes, which definitely will give you insights on how to be a better product manager
  2. Write us a note in the comments, a tweet (@atrnota), an email, or leave us a voice message on the website with your ideas for what we should cover and whose insights you want to hear (that is, people we can interview). Let us know, good or bad, what we’re doing right and what we’re doing wrong.
  3. Give us a rating on iTunes, tweet about the podcast, or otherwise share your thoughts and – hopefully – recommendation on this podcast with your tribe. The better everyone gets as product managers, the better off we all are.

Reversing Cognitive Decline – Podcast Episode #4

As a product manager, one of your most precious resources is your “cognitive storage tank.” It’s like a real fuel tank – when it’s exhausted, your cognitive abilities stop working well. And when that happens, it means you can’t be as innovative, you can’t be as creative, and your decisions get worse. To improve our effectiveness as product managers, one key step is managing the cognitive storage tank.

In this podcast I describe some techniques and tools for eliminating wasteful leaks from your storage tank – I hope the ideas will be helpful for you as you improve your effectiveness as a product manager.

Let me know in the comments on the show notes if you have additional thoughts or questions.

Show Notes

If you like this podcast, please subscribe via iTunes (you can search for “responsibility authority” to find the listing) or your favorite subscription method via this feed. And please consider rating and reviewing the podcast on iTunes. The feedback is very helpful for me.

Why “CEO of the Product” Is So Last Year – Podcast Episode #3

How do you describe product management? Do you find yourself saying “I’m the CEO of the product?” Do you think anyone understands what you mean when you say that?

This week’s podcast talks about a better way to answer that question, one that puts the fundamental job of product management – solving problems for people who will pay for the solutions – front and center.

Missing from the podcast is this image (for obvious reasons):


The Product Management Framework

At the end of the podcast I mention three things you can do immediately to start putting this information to use:

  1. Clearly articulate the problem your product is solving for your customer, and write that down so it becomes a corporate asset
  2. Make sure you validate that this really is a problem that customers in the market will pay for a solution for
  3. Start explaining how your product is better than its competitors at solving that problem – which is why customers should buy yours rather than theirs

I hope this framework will be helpful for you in thinking about what you do as a product manager. Let me know in the comments if you have additional thoughts or questions. You can subscribe the podcast via this feed, or via iTunes.

3 All The Responsibility, None Of The Authority Podcast – A Roll-Your-Own Product Management System of Record

I’ve posted the latest episode from the All The Responsibility, None Of The Authority podcast on how to be an effective product manager. The topic for this episode is something I’ve written about a few times – the product management system of record.

We do a lot of stuff in the course of being product managers, but most of our output – customer interview notes, value propositions, sales support materials – has no defined place to live. This means it’s difficult to collaborate around the information, and it’s difficult to get evergreen value out of it. In this episode I outline a system of record for all this product management output that your product management organization can create out of existing tools, like a wiki. (At least until someone builds a commercial system for us.)

Episode Topics

  • Why we need a system of record
  • What to put in it
  • How doing a little extra manual work will pay off in making us much more effective
  • How to start creating a system of record for customer interactions using a wiki
  • Potential risks and disadvantages of my proposed wiki-based, “baling wire and chewing gum” system of record

Please let me know what you think in the comments on this post.

Show Notes

  • There are no special notes or links for this episode, but when I get videos and further instructions up, I’ll update this article to link to them.

The feed for the podcast is http://nilsdavis.com/feed/podcast. It should be available on iTunes in a few days, and I will update this article when that happens.

I hope you enjoy this episode! Please let me know what you think, and if you’d like me to cover any particular topics. Feedback is really motivating!

1 “All The Responsibility, None of The Authority” – A New Podcast

I’d like to welcome you to the first episode of my new podcast – “All The Responsibility, None of The Authority!”

I been a product manager for a long time, and for six years I ran a product for product managers. My big goal in life is to help product managers make better products, both because I love it, and because I benefit when there are better products out there.

I’ll be covering a lot of topics over the course of this podcast but some highlights include:

  • The business value of product management
  • What makes product management different from other business processes
  • The prospects for automating product management effectively
  • And a truly meaningful framework for both understanding product management and for doing product management

I invite you along on this journey to explore this profession, the best job if you’re like me, and most important business activity no matter who you are.

Show Notes

Some of the topics I mention in the podcast are also covered in these essays from the site:


The feed for the podcast is http://secretpmhandbook.com/feed/podcast/, and it will be available from iTunes in a few days. I’ll update this post with the iTunes information when I get it from Apple.

I hope you enjoy the podcast! Please let me know what you think, and if you’d like me to cover any particular topics. Feedback is really motivating!