The Secret Product Manager Handbook
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5 More Features That Product Management Tools Are Missing

I have yet to see a product management tool that recognizes the fundamental complexity of the process of feature design, that recognizes the story or epic is going to change a lot of over time, and which supports and aids in that process.

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What Should Product Teams Optimize?

As a product team we need to focus on optimizing a specific goal – we have to maximize the ratio of value the product delivers divided by the user’s effort to get the value. (And optimizing other things, such as developers’ time, is a bad idea.)

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4 Great Features That No Product Management Software Has – TL;DR Version

Earlier today I posted a pretty long article about how product management is a lot like writing a book, and that we should look to what tools writers use to help us figure out what capabilities tools should have to make a different for product managers. For those with too much on their plate, here’s Read More

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4 Features Of Great Product Management Software – That None Has

Product management is a lot like writing a book. What can we learn about product management tools from the tools and practices that writers use to do their work?

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Complexity Bites – Why There Are So Few Good Product Management Tools

I’ve been thinking lately about the characteristics of product management as compared to some other business processes. Some of this is driven by the fact that we have such a lack of tools to help us do our job, while our colleagues have a surfeit of tools – the people running the business have SAP, Read More

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Empathy, Humility, and Being Wrong and Right

As a product manager, you will be wrong. Probably a lot. You will think you understand what a customer is trying to tell you, but you will misunderstand it. You will think you get how a new technical feature works under the covers, but you will miss a key point. You won’t be wrong all Read More

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Two Weeks

A simple technique for managing urgency – “will this still be important in two weeks?”

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Three Ways To Make $1 Billion

We all want to be “the next Google,” but most companies that get to $1b in revenue do so not in a rocketship, but with consistent, long-term blocking and tackling.

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Delight Your Customers With These 3 Product Management Rules of Thumb

A successful product meets three key requirements – this is the summary version of my Product Management Rules of Thumb series.

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People Don’t Remember Features

“People remember experiences. They don’t remember attributes or benefits or features.” For a product manager, the outcome you aim for is when the improvement of experience aligns with the new features you just shipped.

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