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3 Proven Ways To Help Your Sales Team Beat Quota

Co-opting product management into sales My good friend Geoffrey Anderson (@ganders2112) recently wrote about a situation we product managers sometimes find ourselves in. When sales are not going well, company leadership might ask product management come in to help hit the numbers. This can be a bad thing or a good thing. As Geoff said: Read More

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3 Simple Steps To Make Your Customer Stories 10x Better

How To Accelerate Sales With Great Storytelling In my articles about go to market, I always mention the importance of “customer stories.” These stories are a critical component of the knowledge that product management can provide to sales and marketing and sales engineers to help ensure sales success. But, if you’re like me, maybe you Read More

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3 Improving lead quality - sales enablement

What Successful Companies Do To Get Better Leads

(This is the second post in my series about using product knowledge to create better sales enablement and jumpstart a repeatable sales process. Read the first post, on the overall topic.) “I Need Better Leads!” Does your salesforce complain “We don’t get enough leads from Marketing, and the leads we get aren’t any good?” I’ve Read More

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Sales Team Missing Quota? It’s Not Their Fault

Successful customers, quality product, but bad sales When I started as the Director of Product Management at my last company, they had a lot of successful and enthusiastic customers for our project management solution. The product worked well – although it was a bit long in the tooth – and we had a good lead Read More

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