Getting Customers

How does the market find out we have a solution?
How do we find the people who need our solution?
How do we convince them our solution is their best choice?

The features and functions in our product are there to solve problems. The problems are what prospects care about.

To turn a prospect into a customer, we must show we understand their problems, have a solution for them, and our solution is their best choice among all their alternatives.

Part of our job on the product team is not just to deliver the features, but to help Marketing and Sales understand and articulate how those features solve the prospects’ problems.


Marketing depends on product management for segmentation and positioning knowledge.


Sales depends on product management for discovery and qualification questions, and competitive insights.

Sales Engineers

The "demo-ers" need product management's guidance on how to show our solution in action.

Everything You Need To Know About Go-To-Market and Sales Enablement

All the information product management has about the problem, the ideal customer segment, the positioning, and competition - in short, all our product knowledge - is critical for the success of the Sales and Marketing teams. How do we make sure they have what they need?

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