​Welcome To The ​Product Management Leader Survey


I would love to get your insights and wisdom.

I want to understand the biggest challenges ​product management leaders face with the effectiveness of their PM teams. You may not have any challenges, or they may be minor, but I've been finding that most people report ​some​ type of challenge.

I’m asking all the ​product management leaders I ​can find these questions.

​I plan to have a report available ​later this Spring covering the top challenges I learn about, and how product leaders are helping their teams get more effective.

I’ve formulated it as a quick questionnaire that should take (literally) two minutes. Of course you’re welcome to answer with a narrative response!

And if you'd like me to follow up, leave your name and email so I know which answers are yours.


What area or areas are your biggest challenges for the effectiveness of your product management team?

How are you addressing these challenges?

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