More On The Path Between Great Idea and Successful Product

Aeropress coffee maker (photo my m15u, CC2.0 licensed)

More on what it takes to turn a great idea into a great product, this time from the inventor of the Aerobie flying ring. Steve Jobs said “there’s a tremendous amount of craftsmanship between a having a great idea and having a great product,” but it’s not just craftsmanship – there are obstacles of all kinds, as Adler experienced both with the Aerobie and the Aeropress coffee maker.

At every turn, the AeroPress — like most of Adler’s other inventions — encountered innumerable roadblocks, faced skepticism, and was doubted. Like anyone who has forged new ground, Adler had a choice at each junction: throw in the towel, or return to the drawing board; he consistently chose the latter. In many ways, the AeroPress is a reflection of its inventor: it’s simple, but precise, it’s highly adaptable, and it squeezes every last drop of flavor from the bean.

Link: The Invention of the AeroPress

Hattip to Boing Boing for the link and to Zachery Crockett of Pricenomics for the fascinating Adler article.

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