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To 10x Your Profits Start With Retrospectives

20% is boring As many of you know, there’s a technique called a “retrospective” in scrum, or you might call it a debrief. After each sprint the team spends a short amount of time reviewing what went well, what could be improved, and what they should stop doing. The goal is for the team to Read More

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4 Mental Models for Product Managers – Part 2

In part 1 I introduced mental models and some reasons they are important. And I provided a few “general purpose” examples. In this part we dive into what you really came here for – product management-specific mental models. Why are product management-related mental models different? The mental models I’m going to talk about share two key Read More

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3 Mental Models for Product Managers – Part 1

The importance of mental models There’s been an explosion – at least in my feed – of folks talking about the importance of having a lot of good mental models to help you make better decisions. A lot of this goes back to a talk by Charlie Munger at USC Business School in 1994. He’s Read More

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Selection Criteria for Product Management Tools

Like many product managers, I’m always looking at the various product management tools available, to see which ones would help me do my job. Tools For What We Do If you’re like me, you deal with all kinds of different information, on a day-to-day basis, as a product manager: Customers – finding their problems and Read More

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